The Road to Balay Indang

I love using Google Maps when we travel, and by love I mean I use it to do our itinerary or to discover the route to our destination. Same goes with our staycation over at Balay Indang. I tried googling around to identify what public transpo we should take to get there, BUUT I never really saw a particular post about it. So for the reference of those who would be going there, here are your options!

How To Commute To Balay Indang:


  1. Take a bus that will go to Tagaytay – sign board should say Tagaytay/Mendez
  2. Ask the bus driver to drop you off at Savemore Tagaytay
  3. Go to the road across Savemore where jeeps are located
  4. Take the jeep that has a signboard “Indang”
  5. Ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at Balay Indang (roughly around 15 minutes from Savemore Tagaytay)


  1. Same route as the one from Manila

If you will be bringing your car you just need to follow the same route, go straight to Tagaytay and take a right turn before Savemore. Just follow the road, and turn right when you see a dead end. Just watch out the left side of the road for the big brown gate and the number 88 for Balay Indang. You will see a welcome to Indang arc before you reach Balay Indang.

Another route to take is via Cavitex, wherein you will go to Indang via Trece Martirez. I haven’t personally tried this route yet but here’s a map for your reference:

map balay indang


Hope this helps those who will be commuting or driving to Balay Indang!

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