11 Months and Counting

11 months. For 11 months I have survived breastfeeding my little bunny. I will be lying if I said that it’s a piece of cake, that I never thought of just stopping it and giving her formula, that I sometimes want to give my “milky mountains” a break. It is hard and sometimes frustrating, but I persevered. I know that you will probably ask me why, and the answer will just be: bunny.


In my personal opinion, “milky” is the best for her, but I do respect moms who give their little ones formula (regardless of the reason I know in my heart and soul that moms do what they think is best for their little abgels). That is why I pushed myself to continue breastfeeding bunny amidst the many different hurdles we faced.

Like many mommies, working, studying, or stay at home, I experienced moments when my output significantly decreased. This was a big hurdle for me because bunny likes milky so much that she can finish 3 bags (4 to 5 oz each) when I am away. Everyday I have to bring home 3 bags that will equal to at least 12 oz of her precious milky. I even recall a moment wherein I had to go home 2 hours before my usual schedule because she had no milky left at home. I only had a 2 hr period before she will drink again so I asked my boss if I can go home. Thankfully he understood and he allowed me to go home early. I made it just in time for milky and she latched on super thirsty and hungry. Since I only had 2 bags with me I had to pump one milky mountain while she latched on to the other milky mountain. E just found this extremely bizarre and funny, but he whispered thanks after bunny unlatched.


To counter the decrease in my supply, caused by stress or my oh so favorite monthly visit, I usually run to Jamba Juice and get oatmeal with banana and strawberries wild (yum yum). Tested and proven to help increase my supply! If I have any extra cash I order lactation brownies or cookies from Mommy Treats (her brownies are so divine I usually end up consuming 2 to 3 per day).

mommy treats

Now 11 months in, bunny isn’t showing any signs of weaning any time soon. Now I am counting down the days to her birthday and to finally reaching one of the big goals I set upon myself, exclusively breastfeeding her for a year! 30 days to go and I will finally reach the end of this goal. I won’t be stopping after we reach this 12 month ebf goal, next up is 15 months. I want to set realistic goals so I will set it up in 3 month intervals. Similar to how we set up goals in any digital campaigns we don’t want to over promise anything, we just want to meet realistic goals. If we do achieve more than what we have promised then that will be better.


30 days to go

720 hours

43200 minutes

2.5M seconds


  1. Lucy Mills says:

    It’s certainly a rough journey to provide for your child and relying on your body can be difficult if you do not have support to back you and give you confidence!
    Congrats for what you’ve done and for continuing to care so much about your child, you’re amazing!

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