Quick Update

So it has been a long time since I last posted anything here. I’ve been so busy with work and my little one that I forgot to update this blog. Update here is that I am in the process of merging my mommy blog with this one to just have one travel-mommy oriented blog! Yay! (Pat in the back for myself!)

Our next travel will be on Nov 21, we booked our trip to Balay Indang! Yay! I’ve heard about it but never really considered it before. I was always for travelling on a budget before, but now I am more for travelling but staying in a good and child friendly place. Reading reviews about it made me want to just go there ASAP. Great thing is that Deal Grocer has a deal for a stay for 2 with full board meals! Without any hesitation, well of course I asked for E’s approval first, I purchased a coupon.

It is just a bit frustrating because the staff didn’t reply to my reservation inquiry via email and SMS. I ended up calling them to which they replied that I just need to text them. So I texted them, thrice, and then finally got a reply. (Perhaps an area they can work on)

Aside from this planned trip on Nov 21, we will also go to Bohol on March! Yay! I am a sucker for seat sales, so I booked when PAL had an exclusive sale for Citibank card holders. Consulted again with E of course! I was able to book a flight for us for only Php6,008 (includes a snack, baggage allowance, and insurance).


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