Dear Daughter Pt. 3

Hi Bunny,

Same with my second letter to  you, I write this while you are sleeping beside me (with the AC’s hum and your papa’s snore as my background music). Oh how time flew by so fast. On Tuesday you will be turning 11 months old, and just one more month until you turn a year old! I didn’t really think that time will pass us by so fast. Even though I never missed any of your big firsts, but I still want to push the pause button if that exists. I don’t want you to grow up so fast. I want you to stay tiny, always needing mommy, always asking for milky, always smiling and not worrying about big girl problems.


I know that I am thinking way ahead, your papa would always tell me that my mind wanders off too much to the future that I sometimes let the moment pass by. I am just worried that you won’t need mummy as much when you turn a year old. I just worry that the hugsies and kissies (gummy kissies) will disappear. I worry that you wouldn’t be as attached to me because you won’t need milky that much. Your papa told me that I am worrying about trivial things, that you my little bunny, will still need mummy. That you don’t just need me because of your milky. Well, enough of me worrying about silly things then.


Oh my little bunny, mummy started thinking about those things because you achieved so many milestones the past few weeks. Your first step towards your papa (which is so awesome because I know that he will remember that forever and because it happened with just the two of us in the room), the first time you fed yourself, your first independent sip from your sippy cup, your first clap, your first trick or treat, and your attempt to mimic head, shoulders, knees and toes (but really just reaching your head and your knees because your big chunky arm is on the way of your tiny hands reaching your shoulder!


You make mummy so proud with each first you achieve, even if you look like you rolled on a bed of rice or squash, it is okay. It’s all part of your tiny step to independence. Just always remember that mummy will be here for you no matter what. I will drop everything just to be by your side when you need me, day or night.


I love you from the moon and back.


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