The Spa: Mommy Me Time

Work + Mom Duties + Finishing my online course + Online Shop +Bunny’s Costume + Trick or Treat madness = One tired momma.

I’m sure all moms can relate to this.

I wake up at 5.30 AM fix the room if I can. I get up and change bunny’s nappy and fix her breakfast. I take my only cup of coffee for the day ( I still breastfeed so I limit coffee to once a day only) while I feed her. I play with her a bit, and then ask her granddad to look after her as I take a bath. I get out and change while playing/looking after her. My aunt arrives and I leave home for work. I take a mini-bus to the terminal and ride the 1 to 1.5hr shuttle to work.

I get to work, I check my emails, list down to dos, tackle as much as I can while ensuring that I pump thrice while at work. I stand up rarely, only during pump time, when I have to pee, and when I need to get water. I don’t have lunch out, when I do it’s usually just once a week. I do this because I allot lunch time to taking an online class via Coursera or to attend to inquiries from mommies for my online shop. I leave at 5 PM, ride the shuttle and then a mini bus.

I get home, to a messy room but to the two best people in the world. My lovely bunny and my ever so dependable E. I ask them to vacate the premises as I fix the room. We catch up, E and I fix bunny’s dinner, I clean her up. shower, attend to online shop, catch up with friends and then sleep.

At a glance that is a day in my life right now – with a minor tweak for the past two days wherein I remove the online shop bit and replace it with hand sew bunny’s costume until 3 AM. Am I tired? Hell yes. Am I happy? Never been this happy EVER! But of course I need to have my “me time” to unwind and just give my body the rest it deserves. So when we were allowed to leave early I decided to finally use my P2500 worth of The Spa GC. One branch is just 2 blocks away from the office, so I immediately booked a slot. Super lucky to get one since they are always fully booked.

2015-10-30 13.21.46

I decided to try the refreshing start package, which entailed a head and shoulder massage, peppermint scrub, and combination massage for my body. This meant 3 hours of relaxation for me! I’m a newbie at the spa, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Just that their infamous ginger tea is super delish (true true).

2015-10-30 13.24.37

The whole package was awesome, the best part for me was the head and shoulder massage and the body massage. The foot scrub/massage was just so-so. The body massage really helped remove the back pain that I had, most probably due to carrying bunny a lot of times. My entire time I was there though I was still thinking of bunny and E. I know it was supposed to be mommy time, but of course I missed them both so much!

The Spa is on a pricier side of spa services, that I will probably opt for availing similar services in one of the salons near home. But the whole experience helped me unwind and really just allow my body to rest from all the stress it receives on a daily basis. Remember, even if you are a mom you should never ever let go of yourself. No matter how busy you are you have to have that time away from your responsibilities to just help you be you again. To help you tune in to your old self.


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