Bunny’s First Halloween

As always, the office had this Halloween Trick or Treat celebration. As a first time mom I was super excited to sign up and bring bunny, for the very first time, to the office. I was super excited that I was the first one who signed up on our list. I wanted to go all in for this first trick or treat. I know that there are lots of costumes up for grabs at the mall and the toy store, but I wanted her costume to be unique to help further maximize her cuteness.

For about 2 days I searched for the perfect costume for her (thank you internet, thank you pinterest, and thank you buzzfeed). I even asked her ninangs and the help of my team to decide what her costume will be. I then saw this post from Buzzfeed about adorbs costumes for Halloween. As I was scrolling down I saw a photo of a baby girl (well really a toddler) dressed up as boo! Boo from Monsters Inc, not the pink shirt and shorts but when Mike Wazowski and Kitty dressed her up as a little monster. After seeing that photo I decided that she will be Boo for her first trick or treat. I mean DIY-ing that costume won’t be that hard, right? RIGHT?

Oh goodness, was I wrong. More on this on my DIY post for the Boo costume. After deciding that she will be boo I read lots of DIY posts, tweaked it in my own silly way and after 2 sleepless nights, I came up with this costume:

2015-10-29 02.13.28

Okay, so I doesn’t really look that awesome vs the other DIY boo costumes but hey, Best Effort right? I even had back-up plans of dashing to the toy store to get her a well made costume. I then realized that with this silly costume she’ll be unique and everybody will know that I made it for her.

On the day of the actual trick or treat, we arrived in the office and everybody wanted to carry her. I couldn’t blame them she’s super cute and her cheeks are just overflowing. Knowing bunny, she took a bit of time to warm up with everybody. She even got scared when one of my office mates came near her (most probably because Peter was asking for her biscuit). After an hour or so, she was back to her joyful self. I mean I had to give her a break, everything and everyone was new to her eyes and I was the only safe and familiar sight.

2015-10-29 10.55.36 2015-10-29 11.38.12

After our lunch date with her Ninang Ginny and Ninang Sun, it was time for bunny to be boo. Unlike the other kids who were screaming and complaining about their costumes, she liked getting dressed up for trick or treat. I slipped her in her costume and voila, meet my Boo!

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Overall, even if her costume wasn’t a hundred percent well made (seams and fit issues) she looked super cute. Even if some people thought I dressed her up as an eggplant (because of the purple cloth) they still said that she was super cute. Two little girls even came up to us and started touching her, and poking her cheeks. They thought that she looked super cute, but was confused with her costume (that time her hoodie was not up). So I told them that she was boo from Monsters Inc. The elder one quickly got the reference, but the little one was confused I think she’s not that familiar with my Pixar reference. Anywho, she then asked if her costume was hand stitched and I said yes, she then said wow that’s nice (tap on the back for me!).

We went around the office and asked for treats for bunny. After which I changed her to her going home outfit and allowed her to play around with my team. Everybody wanted to carry her and wanted t o play with her, but we had to go home eventually. I just promised to bring her back one of these days.

Of course she is still off limits to anything sweet, so I just gave her the not so sweet biscuits the day after. I allowed her to play with some of the candies but she still picked biscuits over the candies. Oh, bunny, such a sweet little girl. Now I’m looking forward to the yearly trick or treats so that I can dress her up over and over again.

2015-10-30 06.32.10





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