Sample Room Loot 1 Review: Olay CC Cream, Glyderm, and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

I received my first loot from Sample Room more than a week ago. For the 1000 VIP points that I had, I chose to use it to get the following:

  1. Olay CC Cream (Light) (300 points)
  2. Glyderm Stretchmarks Cream (300 points)
  3. Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit (100 points)


I would have wanted to get more items, but you are limited to 3 items per transaction, not really sure why since a member should get as much items per transaction so that the shipping fee is very cost efficient. Any who, the reason I hand picked those items was because I wanted to hide the scars from my recent chicken pox battle (yes it’s a battle because I took care of my skin for the longest time and then I get chicken pox – hello scars), I needed some Glyderm for my stretch marks ( I have been using Glyderm for the longest time and it really works – will post another review some time), and because I wanted to try a new lip balm brand (I love Body Shop’s balm, but I think it’s time for me to try a new brand). After waiting for a few days, I got my first loot and I used all right away! I have been using 3 products for more than a week and here’s what I have to say about the three items I used:

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream (Light)

I have been a fan of Olay ever since I started using it when I turned 25! I had the wonderful opportunity to handle this brand (agency side) and I learned that I needed to start taking care of my skin as early as possible. I guess even for our skin, prevention of wrinkles is better than “curing” it when it starts to appear.

My daily skin care regimen consists of using the Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser and using the Olay Total Effects Day Cream (Gentle) with SPF 15 (I actually tried the normal day cream but I noticed that I started to have small pimples on my forehead so I switched to the Gentle one instead). This is my facial skin care regimen day and night. I just top off my moisturizer with bb cream, I just want to keep it as simple as possible. Since I have started using Olay, I noticed that I had lesser breakouts. In the case that I do experience breakouts, it is not as severe as it was before.

I’ve always wanted to try the CC Cream, but given my sensitive skin, I was hesitant to buy it because there’s a chance that my money will go to waste if  I experience any adverse reaction to the cream. So I was super happy when I saw that Sample Room had it! (Yay me!)

My initial reaction when I applied it was that, I might have gotten the wrong shade. It might have been better if I opted for the medium shade. After applying it evenly on my face, I realized that I got the right shade for my skin tone. Coverage wise, it is not similar to the BB creams out there. On that note it can further improve, but it was able to even out my skin tone and make my pores look smaller (which is good because visible pores really is a big concern for me!).

I have been using it for more than a week, and I will definitely buy this product again. It is something that I will gladly add to my daily skin care regimen.


Glyderm Stretchmarks Cream

I started using this 2 months post partum. I tried Bio Oil but it didn’t really work for me and I didn’t like the smell (although for some they like it) that is why I tried this.

Short story, I needed this because I forgot to buy one. It works for me and yes, I will continue buying this product. I will be posting before and after photos soon, on a different blog post.


Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit

Big fan of lip balms ever since I was in high school. This is a basic must have for any girl so I was super excited to try this product out. Upon application the texture was not similar to other balms, but the smell was super good. After using it for more than a week I noticed that my lips were not as chapped as before (I have extremely chapped lips because I breastfeed Alex a lot – see I sometimes forget to drink water after  breastfeed her hence the chapped lips).

I’m really not sure yet if I will buy this. I want to try out the other Burt’s Bees variants first before I decide, but overall this is a good item!


Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my first Sample Room Loot. Can’t wait to share with you my review for my second loot from Sample Room!


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