Back to Work

Last Monday was my first day back to work. I thought that I was going to be a mess at the office, surprisingly I wasn’t. I think this is because I love what I do and I availed of the afternoon nursing mom schedule that allows me to go home an hour earlier than my schedule (so I get to go home at 4:30 pm everyday because I go to work at 8:30 AM).

The first day was actually a breeze but it was my little bunny who struggled. She cried a lot the whole time I was away and wouldn’t take the bottle. They had to squeeze the milk out of the bottle just for her to feed. 🙁 No after five days she is slowly learning to latch but she still waits for me to come home and feed.

I know that we will soon get there and that she will learn to latch soon. I still give her breastmilk and my tandem to help keep my supply up is moringana and the yummy mommy treats!

2015-03-14 10.51.06

I was afraid that once I go back to work my milk supply for bunny will go down, but it actually increased after 4 days of eating the lactation treats. So my plan is to always have a stash at work to keep my supply up because I plan to breastfeed bunny until I can. To help me also store my milk properly and safely after each pump I use Honeysuckle’s milk bags. I tried the first year’s milk bags and I feel it is not as sturdy as the milk bags of Honeysuckle.

2015-03-10 15.52.36

I usually go home with 2-4 bags, depending on the time I get to the office and if I have a meeting. My usual output is anywhere between 11-13 oz while I’m away from Bunny. The way I store the bags is that I freeze the ice packs I got from babymama (the anti-bacterial ones) and stash the milk first at the office ref. When it is time for me to go home, I use an insulated lunch bag and put the frozen ice packs + milk bags. So far, it has helped keep my stash super cold even if I had to attend a meeting. It was able to keep my milk stash cold for almost 6 hours!

Again, my aim is to breastfeed her as much as I can, it is hard especially I am working. But I think all it needs is dedication from my end + lactation treats + storage milk bags and I will be able to do it! I just think that everything I do is for her.

2015-03-10 05.29.46

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