Pampered Mom

A few weeks ago, I asked E if I can go out for awhile. For a break, to get my hair cut and my nails done. Of course I know that he will say no, not because he didn’t want me to get my break but because he still can’t handle bunny. He is a very hands on dad, but he’s a dad. He panics when she cries, which I think is normal.

Today, I tried it again. I asked him if I can have a 2 hour break to get my hair cut, my nails done, and my feet pampered. He said YES! So for the very first time, I went away by myself without bunny and E. This is a very unforgettable moment for me because the last time I had a legit alone time was weeks before my due date.

Did I feel guilty for leaving bunny and e? Yes, but I didn’t feel that bad after. You see I realized that I do need this. I need a time for myself, and only for myself. Not because I don’t love them, but because I love myself. Being a mom and e’s partner in crime does not give me an excuse to stop taking care of myself. I actually need to take better care of myself. I need to feel good about myself because I am still the same old me who loves getting massages and mani-pedis.

When I got home, I asked e how their first alone time was. He said it was okay, but at one point he didn’t know what else to do. That was when he realized that bunny was hungry. Unfortunately bunny didn’t like formula milk anymore, and my breastpump was broken so we had no milk stash yet. Great thing was I got home just a few minuted after bunny cried, so we immediately had our breastfeeding session.

A tip to all of the moms out there: No matter how busy you are, always have time for yourself. Set aside an hour or two a day just to do something that you love. Believe me, you deserve it!


  1. Bree says:

    Completely agree, we need our ‘me time’! And it’s good for the dads to get used to caring for the little ones, too. My husband was hesistant too, especially when our daughter was younger, but he does great with her now!

    • den says:

      Hi Bree! Yes we certainly deserve having our own time. I guess dad’s are afraid that they might do something room when we are away, most especially if the baby is still small. Eventually they do get a hang of it! 🙂

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