Working Mum’s Maternity Benefits 101

When I found out that I was pregnant the first thing that I did was check what benefits I will receive from the government. At that time I have been an employee for 4 years, so I knew that I will get something from SSS and PhilHealth. The only question that I had in mind was how much.

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I then Googled about it to find out how much I will receive, just so that I am informed. Remember, it is best that you know what your rights are especially if you have been working hard for years!

SSS Maternity Benefit

If you are employed, self-employed, or a voluntary member of SSS you are entitled to the SSS Maternity Benefit. Basically the amount that you will receive for your SSS maternity benefit will depend on two things:

  1. How much your salary is
  2. Type of delivery (normal or cs)

Here’s the step by step computation:

  1. Take note of your delivery date
  2. Count 6 months back – this will be the semester of contingency that SSS refers to
  3. From that month before the start of your semester of contingency, count 12 months back
  4. Within the twelve months identify the 6 months which has the highest monthly salary credits
  5. Add the highest salary credits
  6. Divide it by 180 to get the average salary credit per day
  7. Multiply to 60 if you are having a normal delivery and 78 if you are having a cs

Here’s a table for reference on the salary credit:

sss So in my case, my delivery date or due date was on the month of December.

Meaning my month of contingency is from July to December. Counting 12 months back I will start with July 2013 – June 2014. Across all of those months my salary was above 14,750. Checking the table I fall on the 15,000 monthly salary credit. My computation will then be:

(15,000 x 6)/ 180 = 500

This means I have PHP 500 daily allowance. If  I had normal delivery I will receive 30,000 (500x 60) , but since a had a CS I received 39,000 (500×78)

This shows that the higher your salary or contribution the higher maternity benefit you will receive. Your HR should give you your check before you go on maternity leave. In case you will have to undergo an emergency c-section you just need to submit the form provided by your HR and they should issue the additional check for you.

Philhealth Benefits

If you are a PhilHealth Member you are also entitled to maternity benefits and your baby is entitled to a new born benefits as well. Below is a table showing what you will receive, just ensure that you notify your HR before you go on Maternity Leave so that they can prepare the papers that you will submit to the hospital. 


Similar to SSS, the amount you will receive is dependent on the type of labor you will have. What is great about PhilHealth is you just need to submit your form from your HR and the amount stated above will be automatically deducted to your hospital bill. Just remember to bring your forms and PhilHealth ID with you.

As for the New Born Package, in case that you had UTI when you were pregnant like me, instead of the BCG your baby will be given antibiotic shots. You can get your baby her BCG shots through her pedia our your baranggay health center.

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