Product Review: Summer Swaddle Me

As a new mom I’m always on the look out for products for my little one. On my last day in the office E and I dropped by SM Makati to look at the baby stuff available. That day I saw the Summer SwaddleMe product (it costs around P450 if I remember correctly). I started re-searching about it and after reading the feedback, I knew I had to get one for my little Alex.

What is the Summer SwaddleMe product and is it effective?

The Summer SwaddleMe product helps you easily swaddle your baby instead of using blankets. Swaddling your newborn helps keep her warm, secure and it also helps keep her from waking up because of her startle reflex (that is helping her sleep longer).


The great thing about SwaddleMe is that it is designed to stay in place vs. blankets which will get loose after some time. So when we got home from the hospital, I tried swaddling Alex using SwaddleMe! At first E was skeptical about the claim that it will her stay asleep longer. But when we did get her to sleep at 9PM she woke up after 4 hours! She woke up because she was hungry and not because of her startle reflex. After feeding her, she slept again for 3 hours!

My burrito baby!

My burrito baby!

We tried swaddling her again and again and it is very effective! Until today (1 months and 16 days after) we still swaddle her at night and she sleeps 4-5 hours straight! Of course I tried days not using SwaddleMe and she sleeps shorter hours.


How To Use SwaddleMe

I got this image from Summer Infant. Use this as your guide in swaddling your baby. Just remember to keep your little one’s crib free from any loose blankies to prevent SIDS.


The Price and Product Rating:

Now, I mentioned above that it costs P450 in malls, right? But you actually buy it in online stores for P350 pesos. I actually bought three (way more than I needed) and will eventually let go of one soon (perhaps in a giveaway).

So if you will be expecting your little one soon, Summer Swaddle Me is a must have (at least one or two).

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

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