Siopao’s Mom

I gave birth to my little siopao girl last Dec 10 at the St.Martin Maternity and Pediatric Hospital here in Cavite.

My CS lasted for an hour and I was awake the whole time. The entire time I was in the deliver room all I could think about was my little girl. I was excited to hear her cry, to hold her and to cuddle her. That will be impossible since I will be stitched up and she needs to be cleaned up. Alas, when my OB, Dra. Castillo, pulled her out of my tummy I heard my anesthesiologist say that she was such a pretty girl. After she was cleaned up, the nurse showed her to me and for the brief period that she was held close to me, my little one stopped crying and smiled at her momma.

Why CS?

Undergoing CS was not our first option. For months we were under the impression that I will have a normal delivery. Wanting to be prepared for the worst case scenario (a.k.a. CS) I mentioned to my hubby that we have to save up (Normal delivery here in Cavite can cost anywhere from P35,000 – P60,000 (includes your epidural and stay at the hospital) while CS can cost anywhere from P50,000 – P100,000 (if your CS has no complications, includes epidural and stay at the hospital).

Days before Dec 10 I was already having contractions, but I still went to work to maximize my maternity leave. According to my OB my due date was Dec 16, so in my mind I can still go to work up to the week before my due date. Hubby decided to not go to work because I can pop anytime. In my mind, I can manage and I will hold pushing until he got to the hospital. But the pushing will never come.

On Dec 10 I had contractions and bloody discharge, we decided to go to my OB to check if I was already in labor. When she checked, she said that the baby is still in limbo and I should start walking to help her go down. She wanted to be sure because she had a feeling that it might also indicate that I might need to undergo CS instead, small pelvis problems.

She asked me to go to the Xray facility of the hospital where they will conduct a test (x-ray pelvimetry)  to check if I can push through with my normal delivery or not. I was already nervous, to share I was never confined nor did I experience any minor or major operation. After the test, we went home and waited for my OB’s call.

A few hours later, my OB called me and explained to me that I really can’t push through with a normal deliver that my only option was CS. She gave me two options, have the CS done the same day, Dec 10, or the next day Dec 11. She said that my hubby and I should discuss it and she’ll just wait for my advise.

I cried after my conversation with my OB, I really thought that I will be experiencing the normal delivery like most women do. To this my hubby comforted me and told me that it was okay. He left the decision to me, my body my decision. So in the end I decided to have the CS done that very same day.

My Little Siopao

Since I had CS I was only able to see my little girl again after 2 days. My hubby took photos of her from the NICU but I still wanted to be as close to her as possible. When I did see her, I was overwhelmed with joy. She was the prettiest girl ever, her chubby cheeks and tiny fingers were perfect.

After 4 days we went home. I was finally with my little siopao. It was an unforgettable night, yes she cried and cried but she slept through the night and only woke up to drink her milk and then slept again. She was our little bundle of joy.

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