The Filipino Spirit After Typhoon Haiyan

Aside from the many wonderful destinations here in the Philippines, many tourists commend us for our joyful outlook in life. I was going through my Facebook feed when I chanced upon a video.

As a brief background, Tacloban was hit by a super typhoon that devastated the place. A few months after, the people there are slowly rebuilding their lives with smiles painted on their face.

As a Filipina, I can confidently say that this is how we rise up from challenges in our lives. We believe in the term “gulong ng palad” which means that in life there are ups and downs, that if you are going through a tough time now you can look forward to a better tomorrow.

We always look for the silver lining because we believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe that whatever challenge comes my way, I should never let it dampen my hope for a better tomorrow because each challenge I face will only make me a better person.

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