Travel Factor: Conquer Batad

I for one am a big fan of DIY trips, but there are times when I want to take a step back and join a planned tour (by planned I mean not planned by me). I’ve been following Travel Factor’s website since my supervisor introduced it to me. She shared it with me because she knew I have a thing for traveling (yes a thing, but not really, I mean I love traveling).

I saw a lot of travel itineraries on their website, and I have to admit there are times when I was so close to booking a slot but ended up changing my mind. So when my friends from my previous employer rallied that we have an out of town trip, I suggested that we try Travel Factor.

We were looking at two tours: Mt.Pulag or Batad. In the end we decided to go to Batad instead of Mt.Pulag. Why you may ask, because that included a tour to Tappiya Falls. So after ironing out the very important detail, I booked 6 slots for the Batad tour set on May 31-June 1.

Photo of Tappiya Falls from

Photo of Tappiya Falls from


Even if I’m not making the itinerary, I wasn’t able to stop myself from doing a bit of research about Batad. First of all, it’s not as popular as Sagada or Baguio, but the view is stunning. I guess one of the reasons why it’s not as popular as Sagada or Baguio is because it’s a bit tricky to get there, no direct bus ride from Manila to Batad. To get to Batad, one has to board a bus to Banaue and then ride a jeep to Batad.

Photo from

Photo from

Also Banaue is more convenient. The difference though is that Banaue is a busy place compared to Batad which can offer you a day or two away from distractions to be one with nature. There are guest houses there, very affordable prices, and places where you can eat but the only way to go around town is by walking (if you are a big fan of riding cabs to get from point A to point B in traveling this is not for you).

I’ll soon update this blog after my first ever Travel Factor tour to the so-called eight wonder of the world, the rice terraces in Batad. You can visit their website with detailed tours, here’s their website:


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