Goodbye Mediacom Part 2

It has been a week since I assumed my new role as the head of social for Starcom Mediavest. A bit intense, but a welcome challenge for me. I do miss my friends from Mediacom. I guess that made my move harder, because I met amazing people who I know I can count on. Real people, real friends and no b.s.

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We had our everyday routine:


Bug Ginny – Skype everybody – smoke – work – bug everybody


Bug people – go down – smoke – buy lunch – lunch conversations – smoke – bug everybody via Skype


Work – meetings – work – bug everybody via Skype – smoke – giggle fits – bug everybody

It was hard to say goodbye, one because I’m not a big fan of it and of course it’s hard to say farewell to people who were there for you. I handled a lot of amazing projects while I was with Mediacom, but what made my stay unforgettable were my friends.


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There really are no words to explain how grateful I am to know them, but I will forever cherish them.

Ginny, who always assumed the mommy role whom I trusted the most with my woes

Sun, who inspires me to be at my best and the one who I like sharing my thoughts with

Al, who is crazy enough to call out that I am a crazy girlfriend – well actually he said psycho I think

Karen, who inspires me to be healthy and who makes us smile because of her cute antics

Mika, who is very straightforward in expressing her thoughts

Dan, who looks super masungit but really he’s like a big brother to everybody

Maan, who is the cray cray girl from the other side of the office (perhaps crazier than me)

Ariane, the first ever girl I sort of trained to be a community manager. I am so proud of her and of her achievements

Ikai, my bebe girl whom I shared most of my Berocca experience with

Tammy, the craziest person I met who delivers spot on results

Winlove, who treated me as part of his team

Kaye, who called me a creature for leaving the team but she’s an amazing leader, amazing

There are a lot of other people who made my stay amazing. If I try to list them all down I will probably end up crying while blogging. So I will end this post here, but I do know that we will stay friends outside of Mediacom especially the four amigos. So sorry for being the one to break our group but I’ll see you in trade events and of course during videoke sessions or dinners.

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