Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

So, after 3 years I finally bought my own Instax! I rarely buy things, well expensive things for myself. Unlike some but, probably similar to a few of the people my age I have responsibilities. Responsibilities meaning paying this and that, buying grocery or giving money to my parents.

Believe me, I do not have anything against that, but I am also not okay with that set up. The common misconception of parents is that their children are investment funds. By that I mean that they will send you to college and will expect you to take over some of the responsibilities in your home when you start working. This for me is an unfair set up only because we should all be entitled to saying yes or no. But any who, as I said after 3 years…hello INSTAX!



I finally bought it because it’s my “GOOD JOB” gift for myself for taking a leap of faith in starting a new journey. Also, because I am going on an out of town trip with E and my instax mini will help me snap photos perfect for my scrapbook!

I bought this via Insane Instax! You can click check out their Facebook page for more details. 🙂

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