Bigger, Better, Brighter 2014

I know, sound like Laida Magtalas 2.0 ang peg, but kidding aside 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Just 3 days in and I have to make a life changing – sort of- decision. I’ve already made my mind up, but it is just hard to actualize it.

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I know for a fact that everybody has the capacity to succeed in life, but that the number one hurdle they have to face is convincing themselves that they deserve it. I know a lot of people who have shied away from reaching their true potential just because they are afraid to succeed, because they feel that they don’t deserve it, or perhaps they don’t have people to back them up (which is the saddest thing).

I guess this stems out from the possibility that realizing your true potential means acknowledging the fact that you can succeed but that you can also fail. Believe me, failing is my number one fear (I guess it’s because I always needed to prove myself, shallow I know but I had to veer away from my brother’s shadow and the only way I can do that is to succeed) but failing is different from mistakes.

I can keep blabbering about this for hours, but what I just want to say is if you have an opportunity presented in-front of you, don’t let it go. Let go of all of your fears, of your hesitations, of your doubts because you are the only person who can set yourself up for the biggest failure in your life. Remember, regrets can bite you back until the day that you die, if only moments will never present itself again, so just go for it!

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