Hello 2014

Totally bummed out that I slept right after the clock hit 12. At least I was able to send a few messages, but yeah I fell asleep. Not the best way to start 2014, but it reminded me that I need to take a step back and rest. I am not a machine nor am I a crazed maniac who can work 24/7 thanks to caffeine and cigs.

Not really a fan of making resolutions, because I know I am bound to break if not all, then at least 95% of my list. Instead I list down my goals. Goals that I want to achieve for 2014. Some are easy to achieve, some will take time and effort, and some are impossible. My 2014 bucket list helps keep me grounded and helps me retain focus on what I have to achieve. (See a friend of mine from college pointed out that I sometimes get distracted while I’m working on a specific goal. He mentioned that I have to look at my goals as if I’m riding a roller coaster – no way out until I finish the ride).

My Goals for 2014:

Easy – Medium

  1. Save!
  2. Visit a new local destination (Bohol/Baguio/Sagada)
  3. At least go to one out of the country trip (Indo-China trip)
  4. Learn at least 5 new baking recipes
  5. Learn to cook 5 new dishes
  6. Read 2 books/month


  1. Move out of my comfort zone
  2. Buy a second hand car
  3. Down payment for our house 🙂

I know that not all of my goals are precise, and I have the whole month of January to fix it. I will own this year, and as Katy Perry said in her song –

All we have is this moment, tomorrow’s unspoken, yesterday is history…

…Cause the future is right now, right in front of you. Don’t let the clock, the clock tell you what to do.

I will still not go overboard and try the whole live everyday as if it is your last bit, but I will make sure that every moment I have is spectacular, no what-ifs, no regrets, and the best. So here’s to an amazing 2014.

BTW I checked my horoscope, apparently 2014 is a great year for my career and love life. Amaze-balls! I just hope that I can get some sleep even if my dad’s snoring as if there is no tomorrow! I mean seriously, snore-fest of 2014. (Well not because I’m doing or watching something boring, but really because my dad is snoring his lungs out).

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