Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

2012 was challenging, so I welcomed 2013 with open arms.

2013 was my year (well sort of). I faced a lot of challenges, but it made me a better person. I know that this year did not go to waste. I didn’t do the whole live life one day at a time, but I did take everything that was thrown at me and turned it to something spectacular.


Personal Life

My mom’s still under medication, but at least she’s making progress. I do miss her and our Gilmore Girls – Lorelai and Rory – type of relationship, but I am still hoping for the best. We are not the perfect mother and daughter tandem, because I do know that I’m not her favorite, but I still love her.



This year, I learned to become more independent and to stop being a baby. I had to face a lot of hurdles, but I got up knowing that I am a better version of me. I know that I am a fighter, because I faced a lot of fight or flight situations and I am proud to say that I always fought. Perhaps it is in my genes or it is because my aunt told me that in life you always have to stand up. Nobody will bother why you fell because they see how graciously you stood up. She also reminded me that life is like a rainbow, if I just experience happy times I will never be complete and my world will just be a blur of gray.


E and I have been going through a lot, but we became stronger. We are growing up together. I am also lucky to have somebody who is very supportive of all my endeavors but he never forgets to keep me grounded.

Me and E

Me and E

But of course, I also encountered a lot of hurdles this year. I held on to a grudge and it ate me up inside. I am just glad that everything is well know between me and the people who are important to me.

The highlight perhaps is my talk with Ate Ginger, when she made me realize that holding on to grudges will never make me happy. Yes, it will take some time for me to forgive, but never should I allow it to ruin what I have with the people who know me best. Another highlight is when meowsie and I finally smiled at each other. I missed her a lot, especially because we both love reading books. She got me to read the Percy Jackson novels and even lent it to me. I am glad that we are okay.

My HKC Family

My HKC Family

309982_3584145733756_586373659_nThe one sad thing though is that I still have yet to talk to somebody. I was hurt with what he did, primarily because I treated him like a brother and I trusted him more than I trusted anybody in my life. Yes, I forgive him, but I am afraid that it will take a lot of time to mend the crack in our friendship. I guess that is something we both have to work for in 2014.



A crazy year for a crazy social media executive. There I said it! People still think that being a social media practitioner you just post things on walls, but believe me it comes with a lot of strategy.



I had a lot of milestones this year, and I have a lot of people to thank. From my former boss, and former mom, my team, the Unit 1 team, Tammy and everybody else I forgot to mention. You helped me succeed, without you I’m probably facing the wall stressing out over a lot of things.



I was super happy when we trended worldwide three times for Must Be Love, when we pulled the best party series in town, every single time we trended locally, and when some of our posts go viral. But perhaps the cherry on top of my ice cream is working with the best digital practitioners!



I am looking forward to another challenging year. I am hoping that 2014 will be the year wherein I will get out of my comfort zone and be better in what I do. I still have a lot to learn, and I am ready for it!


This is my best travel year so far!

Vigan – Laoag – Pagudpud with E, Chinee and Palos. Our first ever trip together! First 4×4 ride, sand boarding, and exploring the Ilocos region. It was fun and amazing, which is why I am looking forward to our Cebu adventure on March.

laoags laoagg

Sand surfing for beginners

Sand surfing for beginners



Boracay for Berocca. Executing the Berocca challenge, bonding with Tammy, Jermae, and Ikai. I know that Jermae will never forget how we missed our flight back to Manila because I was kayaking. But hey, I booked our return flight with Tammy’s help.

390616_10201050097477306_1203137823_n 603857_10201050073316702_1445064546_n 943039_10201050081076896_835383381_n

Mind Museum with E for his birthday/our 5th anniversary. This was our geeky date, because we both love science and technology.

2983_10201466692051910_48057520_n 546785_10201466677571548_1112059479_n

Davao for Berocca. Meeting the Magic team was amazing. I will never forget how nice they were to us, how they helped me find a place where I can smoke and not get caught by the police.

Cebu for Berocca. Working again with the Magic provincial team, how Carlo and Tom treated us with free flowing drinks, amazing food (especially dessert) thank you!!!! Also, partying with the boys and Tony Toni giving us a free pass to Anchology!


Shanghai with my Mediacom family. This was my first overseas trip, and it was amazing. From meeting Rayver Cruise, visiting the tourist spots in Shanghai, shopping, hanging out with Ginny, Mika, Karen in our room our outside Dan and Joey’s room. Visiting the water village (best day ever) and getting to know more about the people I work with.

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920584_10202213494921515_900796295_o 1402373_10202213514081994_807905840_o

Overall an amazing year! I am excited to do more and be more in 2014, to be #OnFullBlast as I challenge what’s possible.

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