Book Review: 13 Reasons Why


This is a late post. I finished reading the book a few weeks ago but because of the deadliest deadlines that I have to meet before our Christmas break I’m just sharing my review now.

I went to Fully Booked to buy books that I can read over the break with E,  when I picked up a copy of 13 Reasons Why. The cover was okay but the brief description at the back got my attention.

The book is about Hannah – the girl who committed suicide. She recorded tapes that featured 1 person per side (there is a total of 7 cassette tapes, but only 13 sides had a recording). In the recording Hannah detailed how that person or whatever that person did contributed to her decision commit suicide (hence 13 reasons why).

It is eerie but eye opening, especially because it allows you to take a look into two different perspectives. The first is the perspective of the person who committed suicide, which in this case is Hannah. You get to see what drove her to end her life, to understand that suicide isn’t necessarily caused by one major reason rather the snowball effect (the instance wherein a chain of events that are intertwined builds up drive for a person to do something drastic). The other perspective is from the people who caused the snowball effect or people who cared about her or both. You get to see the struggle that they go through knowing that they could have done something to stop that person from committing suicide, from taking their own life because of the snowball effect.

The book had such an effect on me. I was able to realize that whatever a person does has an effect on other people (may it or may it not be intentional) and that the best way to recover from the snowball effect, from sadness, anger, and/or grief is by talking about it.

I personally think that this is a must read book not just for teens, but for everybody. It will make you look at things from a different way and you will be more cautious of every word and action that you do.


  1. skyefalls12 says:

    i actually didnt like this book. i dont believe that suicide is ever the answer and blaming 13 people is just an excuse for the mortal scene that Hannah committed. But I like your perspective on the book. I never thought of the book that way.. Keep on writing reviews 🙂

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