Scandal S03.Ep07 – Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

In the last episode of Scandal, Shonda Rhimes dropped another surprise when she revealed that it was the president who shot a plane down. One of the passengers of the plane just so happens to be Olivia’s mom.

In the 7th episode for season 3, I was expecting the story to revolve around Pope’s team uncovering more about the incident. Well that happened, but in a very different way. While the gladiators were digging more information about the plane incident ,Mellie’s story was highlighted and it even showed her connection with the plane “crash”.

I have to admit, I hate Mellie but I wanted to know more about her character. I knew at one point that she and Fitz were madly in love, but I can’t connect it with the current situation that they are in. With this episode, I hate to say this but I have a new found respect for her. She went through a lot to help her husband be who he is right now (including that devastating crap that happened between her and Fitz’s dad). There were a lot of revelations about her character, but you get to see just how much she loves Fitz. That it’s not just about being the first lady that drove her to be the power hungry woman that she is, rather her passion to support her husband.

Aside from Mellie’s story, poor Quinn is now part of B613. Well that’s because of her thirst for blood. She agrees to help Charlie finish a job without knowing that she killed a man who has vital information about the night when the plane crashed. The plane which Olivia’s mom boarded – or so I thought. In the end of the episode another bomb was dropped (oh hail Shonda Rhimes for this amazing series). That is, Olivia’s mom is still alive.

Here’s a peek at the next episode of Scandal:


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