Searching for an exciting series to follow? ABC’s Scandal is a must see! The series premiered last year, April 5. It’s first season only had 7 episodes, I guess the show producers were testing the waters to see if the show will be accepted by the viewers.

I started watching the show late last year. I saw an episode on Star World which started my frenzy over Scandal. It got me hooked, and I just started watching one episode after another. The gripping narrative hooked me. The story revolves around Olivia Pope, former media relations officer of the President of the United States who now heads a firm of gladiators, fixers. Olivia Pope’s character was well developed and I personally wanted to get to know more about her. She looks strong outside but you see her crumble every time Mr. President calls her.

Right now the series is on it’s second season and from what I heard, the ratings of the show our continuously rising. It’s a must watch specially if you love law, politics, and unexpected twists. What I hate about it is that I have to wait  a week for new episodes, and sometimes 2 weeks just to see new episodes. Here’s the Season 1 trailer. 🙂

I will probably blog about my favorite episodes soon! 🙂

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