Prepping for our Great Ilocos Adventure


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Finally, I will travel again! I was super focused at work and with my mom that all of my travel plans for 2012 was cancelled. It’s okay, I mean I had to focus at the important things. At the back of my mind I know that I will travel again once everything settles down. 🙂 

Mom’s on her way to a full recovery, although it’s a long battle with depression I’m confident that she will be okay in her own time. And once she’s okay, our postponed Bohol trip will push through so she can finally see tarsiers and dolphins. 🙂

Now, about my first travel trip this 2013. My first destination, and hopefully not my last is to Ilocos Sur. Tammy told me that it’s one of her favorite destinations, heck she even asked me if we wanted to go to Vigan for Holy Week (which obviously did not happen). Curiosity got the best of me and I started to plan my Ilocos Sur trip with E. Initially it was supposed to be just the two of us, but then I realized that it will be cheaper if I invite my best friend to come with us with P. 🙂 So total count for Ilocos Adbentyur? 4!

I started to read different forums and blogs to plan our Itinerary and I have an initial draft, of course I might change this after a day or two after reading more blogs. 

Day 1

8pm – Leave for Vigan

Day 2

8am – ETA Vigan

9am- Start walking tour


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5pm – End of walking tour

Day 3

8am – breakfast and shop for pasalubong

9am- leave for Pagudpud

12pm – ETA Pagudpud, check in @ Ate Cathy’s place

1pm- Start of North and South Tour Pagudpud

6pm – end of tour

Day 4

8am – beach time at Saud!


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1pm – Check out time

2pm- back to Manila


So that’s my basic IT for Ilocos, but I’ll add more if I can!



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