My Resolutions

Today is the 5th of January and I’m at home resting (feeling like I caught something, ugh, buti na lang may bioflu). What better way to spend my weekend by writing my ass off. Haha. It has been a fun week, well technically it has not been a week yet, but to hell with that.

I’m keeping a journal and this online journal (to keep me sane everyday for the rest of 2013). The decision to keep a journal again came easy, my mom’s shrink says that it’s a good way to unwind and a good way to release your stress from work or from your personal life. So if you feel like you are super stressed out, go ahead and keep your own journal. 🙂

Aside from keeping my personal and online journal where I will dump all of my random thoughts, I also set a limit on the number of cigs I will smoke per day, limit is 3 except when I’m going out with my friends (like last night).

I also plan to be more patient at work, which will be hard but oh well. 🙂 Brain really isn’t functioning right now, so this post will abruptly end. 🙂



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