My Obsession With Meryl Streep

It all started with Mamma Mia. So fine, I wasn’t aware of how awesome she was. I needed to watch the musical just to see how great of an actress Meryl is. She was dancing and singing and acting, seriously she was FANTASTIC! I saw Mamma Mia when it was shown on theaters, and that was like 2008 or 2009? Not sure. I saw during the time when I was taking my theater voice lessons. ( Yes, I secretly want to become a theater actress.)



Back then, I wasn’t super obsessed with her, I just saw her as a great inspiration when it comes to acting. She studied the characters she’s portraying, she gets to know them and she doesn’t just act, she morphs and become the character. Theater acting is pretty much the same, you get a script, you read it, and you study, you STUDY and your DEVELOP your character. From her height, her weight, and even her past life. The script is not enough, it just gives you a glimpse into your character’s life, but you have to study it, you have to dig deeper and know the person, why is she like that, what makes her happy, sad and angry.


Meryl does this all, but after my theater classes I have to admit my fan girl moment died down. It started again when I watched the broadway musical, Mamma Mia here in the Philippines. (My brother sort of treated me to a night filled with music, and yes, I cried when the overture started playing (again, I had this wild dream of becoming a theater actress, that and I really want to go to NYC just to watch plays)).


 After watching Mamma Mia, I bought the original DVD of Mamma Mia the movie, and I fell in love with Meryl again. It started with that, and I then bought Julie and Julia, Devil Wears Prada, Bridges to Madison County and It’s Complicated, oh and Doubt. (all are original copies, BTW)


I watched everything, and I can’t help but admire how she is able to transform herself from a nun who doubts a priest, to a mother who sings and dances, and even to a funny and lovable chef. She is just awesome. 


If Julie had a Julia Child, I have Meryl. Seriously, she is my saving grace from all of the insane things that is happening in my life. I watch a movie with Meryl in it, and it makes my day (with the exception of the movie Bridges to Madison County-that movie made me cry) . 🙂 I especially adore her in It’s Complicated. She is just amazing, and her voice that she can control and manipulate. She is simply the best actress of this generation, and I will die happy if I meet her. 


To Meryl, with love! 🙂 You are awesome. 🙂


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