It’s been a while since my last post. Been a bit busy fixing final documents and reports. I must admit that I questioned my decision to leave, but I know that I made the right decision. I guess the questioning and doubting is part of the whole process.

When I left SVI, I felt the same way. I filed my resignation letter but my boss didn’t want to sign it. She wanted to do everything that she can to keep me, and I appreciate that, really. I saw just how nice she is, and how much she looked after my welfare. She is an amazing person, seriously. I can compare her to Miranda Priestly. She is very dedicated to her work, and she does everything, and I mean everything that she can to make it work. She is strong willed and she’s very professional, that and she wears awesome clothes!

Miranda and Andy

She trained how to be a good category buyer, and she even assigned me to her favorite category, which according to my colleagues, is the biggest and hardest category in our division. I guess she was training me to be the next her. I know that somehow, I disappointed her when I decided to leave. I was starting to love what I was doing, but I had to make the choice between pursuing something that I want over something that is safe. I chose the former.

After days of tossing and turning, I decided to leave. We had numerous conversations, and even one of my colleagues tried to make me stay. However, I knew that I would regret more something that I didn’t do. So with a determined heart, I told her that I really wanted to pursue advertising. She said that she understands and she even gave me sound advice as to what I should do when I leave. Up until today I remember her words, her exact words.

Today, I can say that I am at the scene where Miranda sees Andy again after Paris. She would give me her stamp of approval with a silly little smile. Because, I am actually following her advice, and that I am doing everything that I can to be happy.

I cried and regretted my decision to leave SVI, I was earning more, I was in a place where I fit in, and I developed strong bonds with my colleagues. I know that it was just temporary, and I know that I made the right decision, the same way that I know that what I am doing is the best for myself and for my career.

It’s hard because I have fallen in love with what I am doing, and hard because I am leaving people who mean a lot to me. They are not just mere colleagues, they are also my friends. I may not have shared a lot with them, but in their own little way they are special.

My last day with them is on Wednesday. Changes are here, and there’s not turning back. I just have to suck it up and get it over with. Every time I question my decision, I just tell myself that I need to do this. I have to be foolish and I have to explore what else is out there for me.

That’s all for now. 🙂


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