Mamma Mia and Lucy Hale

Week 7 of year 2012 is AWESOME! 🙂 Mainly for two reasons, first I got to watch Mamma Mia last night (will post my review later) and second, I will get to meet Lucy Hale (from PLL) on Saturday at the SMX. 🙂

I am a big fan of theater, which was why I cried when they started playing the music that queued the start of Mamma Mia. 🙂 Well more about that on my next post. 🙂

As I mentioned, I will be attending the Bench TM event tomorrow. 🙂 I am super excited, and I can’t thank Bench enough for giving me the opportunity to personally see Lucy Hale. 🙂 Lucy first tweeted that she will be the next endorser for Bench last Jan 6, and that she will be coming here in the Philippines on March.

I will be posting some more updates tomorrow after the press con/fashion show. 🙂


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