Travel Plans for 2012

I’ve set my travel quota for this year, primarily because I have to spend more time writing about my past travels (Davao Solo Trip) and saving as well. I was not able to save up last year, seriously, I was left with a bank account that was almost near zero balance, but I really didn’t care.

I traveled, I explored and I lived life the way I wanted to. I am not stopping, I am just being realistic. I have taken a part time gig as a writer, and I have decided to save everything that I earn and invest it somewhere, have not figured out where, yet but I will, I will.

My travel plans this year are fully planned. No more last minute booking of flights because of seat sales! So here are my travel plans for 2012. 🙂

  1. Vigan – March 2012
  2. Cebu – June 2012
  3. Bohol – Aug 2012

I am super excited for the Bohol trip. 🙂 I am not yet sure if we have a company outing, if ever we do have one I hope its in Palawan. 🙂 Will be posting my Davao Trip soon. 🙂


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