Prepping up for my first ever solo tour

So lo and behold, mom would not be coming with me on my planned Davao trip. That just means that it will be my first out of town trip on my own. The bright side, I can go to more places because I would be spending less, and it will be a coming of age trip for me.

The thing is, I always travel with my mom, or perhaps any other close family member, I never traveled on my own, but I think I can manage. 🙂 It will be two awesome backpacking days for me, so naturally I had to scrap off my first planned itinerary, and I had to plan a new one. 🙂 So as usual I read some blogs here and there and  I started marking the places that I wanted to go to on the google map – my places that I made, this in the end will help me decide which places I should go first and which I should put last, it will also determine the actual places that I will go to. 🙂

Thanks to a very helpful blog, and Davao’s tourism website, I was able to list down the places that I wanted to visit. I am almost finished with my list, and I will be pinning the places on the map, and hopefully before this week ends I can finalize my list. 🙂

Here’s to my first ever solo trip! Hello Davao! 🙂



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