A Dash of Good Vibes and Memorable Tweets

Here’s something that made me smile today, shared by one of my office mates. 🙂 An advocacy campaign, which showed how Social Media can help change lives of homeless people from NYC.

Underheard gave 4 homeless people cellular phones that will help them tweet, update people on what they are thinking and what they are going through, they basically gave them a means of speaking out to be heard by those who would want to listen.

Their main goal was to create real life interaction with the homeless people through social media, to help people have a real peek into their lives on hear from them just how they survive living in a big city with nothing, and I guess, to also erase the misconception that other people had about the homeless.

As mentioned in Mashable, the 4 chosen individuals were taught on how they will use the mobile phones given to log in to Twitter and tweet updates. The four individuals were Danny, Derrick, Albert, and Carlos. They all had different stories, but they had one thing in common, and that is, that they are homeless and living in one of the most famous cities in the world.

(Photo courtesy of http://underheardinnewyork.com)

Watching the video case study about this campaign made my day. As a person working in the advertising industry, I am craving to do a similar campaign, if not a campaign inspired by different cause oriented campaigns. The thing is, we have a lot of causes here in the Philippines, and we can lend a helping hand to our fellow filipinos who deserve it (not saying that we shouldn’t help everyone, but it’s more of, we should help people who are helping themselves as well as compared to those who are just drinking day in day out to forget their sorrows).

This campaign is very do-able here, but the question is, will there be anyone willing to do such a campaign? That is, to put aside first their goals in sales and perhaps spend some time thinking of reaching out to those who need help?

That I can not answer, but what I can do is share this inspiring campaign with you. In hopes that it can inspire you as well to make a difference. 🙂 As I have mentioned before, even the smallest thing can make a difference in other people’s lives. 🙂

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