How to book Sulit Seats on Cebu Pacific

This is the third installment on my consumer tips on booking seats on Cebu Pacific, consumer to consumer. 🙂 The first one is on Scoring Seats on Seat Sales, and the second one is on booking flights in less than 7 minutes. Again I am not an expert on booking flights, I was not a previous employee of Cebu Pacific, I just love travelling and booking flights on sale. The aim of the posts is to share tips on how they can successfully book super sulit seats on seat sales in the least amount of time. 🙂

Here’s how you can deduct at least Php700 from your tickets. 🙂
1. The best advice or tip, is to book during seat sales. 🙂

2. When booking, do think if you need to bring a large luggage, if not then just opt to check in your baggage and you can deduct Php150 to Php700 per person per flight.

3. During the Additional Options step, you can deduct an additional P250 per person, so don’t just proceed to the next step.


after (and don't forget to tick the box)

4. And lastly, you can deduct Php200 per person on the choose a seat step on booking a flight.

Before, with pre-selected seats

After removing pre selected seats

The sum of the deductions can amount to minimum of Php600 to a maximum of Php1150 per person. So, happy booking and travel light for sulit seats. 🙂 Here’s a sample computation:

For two to Cebu during a seat sale (round trip):

Base Fair:                  Php       4.00
Fuel Surcharge:                1000.00
PH VAT:                              162.48
Web Admin fee:                  320.00
Aviation Security:                  30.00
Seat Selection:                        0.00
Baggage:                                 0.00
Travel Insurance:                     0.00
Total:                            Php1516.48

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