Praybeyt Benjamin

The movie: Praybeyt Benjamin, starring Vice Ganda, Jimmy Santos, Eddie Garcia, and many more.

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The short synopsis:
The movie is about Benjamin (Vice Ganda), who aims to prove that being gay is not a disease nor an ailment, through joining the army and trying to save his grandfather who was kidnapped by terrorists.

Vice: Pag bakla salot agad?
Vice’s Sister: Hindi ba pwedeng malas muna?

Vice Ganda: Ay kabayo!
Vice’s Sister: Brownout?
Vice Ganda: Hindi, sunrise.

Vice: Yan ang hirap sa mga re-cruit re-cruit, di nasasala, kahit sino na lang eh noh
Nikki: Tingnan mo ikaw bakla.
Vice: Oo, ui anong bakla? Kelan man, di mo ako makikitang ma-aatract sa lalaki, kelan man di ako tumitig o nagwapuhan sa lalaki at ni hindi ako pinagpapawisan sa lalaki.


Why I watched the movie?
I wanted to have a great time with my boyfriend, and we chose the movie to unwind, was also looking for a movie that would make us laugh.

My verdict:
I was a bit disappointed with the movie. Personally, I think the movie kept on switching directions, it didn’t have that focus that’s needed. The story was ok, but the focus wasn’t on the story it was more on the delivery of the jokes or one liners that’s intended to make the people laugh. Yes, I know that it’s a comedy movie, but that doesn’t mean that the focus should be more on the humor bit, because they can incorporate it within the story, without it being too much of a hard sell. I mean, one sample perhaps is Date Night and for a local one, Kimi Dora, it’s a comedy, but they are not trying to make us laugh, which is good because we laugh not because they are delivering one liners, but we are laughing because the story is funny, and the delivery of the lines are spot on.
There was a lack of focus in this movie, they should have focused on one part or direction. If it was about proving that people shouldn’t disrespect or look down on the lgbt community, then they should have made it more about that, minus the out of the blue one liners. It seemed more of a stand up comedy movie, rather than a comedy movie. Yes, I know that Vice is good in this, but the movie has a potential to be a great one. I hope they could have made this movie more about the story than the one liners, because some are just so out of the blue, with a feeling that it’s somehow forced into the movie.
I also didn’t get the whole fast paced scenes, if you watch it carefully, it seems that some parts are in a bit of a fast forward mode.
I did like the scenes with Derek Ramsay, Vice was very much consistent on those scenes, and he was able to deliver those intimate yet funny scenes well, so kudos to that. But all in all, I personally think that this movie can actually be made into two different movies, one about acceptance and the other on tackling the issues of the LGBT community. And yes, they can both feature Vice Ganda. He was good, but this movie can be better.
My Rating:
2.5 out of 5

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