Cagayan de Oro (Day 1) Zip Line at Dahilayan Park

As it was my first time to fly, I was excited, nervous and giddy. I left home early and got at NAIA Terminal 3 early as well.

We left around 7am and got there by 9 or before 10 am. It was raining super hard here in Manila, which was why my dad repeatedly asked me if our flight was still on and if it wasn’t raining there in Cagayan de Oro. But lo and behold, when we got there, the sun was present, that I felt like it was the first day of summer.

So, hello Cagayan de Oro! 😀

Our first destination, the Del Monte Farm, well not really more of to eat there. The food was fine, not really that great, but good enough.

The main highlight of that day was the trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park. It was sunny in CDO but up at Dahilayan Park it was a bit cold. 😀

The challenge: 2 zip lines, first the 320m zipline ride, and next was the longest zip line in Asia at 840m.

The first zip line was fun, and short.

The second one was the extreme challenge part. But as usual, challenge accepted! In our group, one sat down and decided to ignore our pleas and not try the 840m zip line ride.

We tried the short zip line first, and it took just  a few seconds ( I think).

zip line ride#1

cindy @zip line ride #1

For the second zip line ride, we had to ride a jeep to go there. We were given instructions on what to do to increase the speed, and what to do to decrease the speed, some where even given pseudo wings to help decrease their speed. The second zip line ride took around a minute or so, it was fun and exciting! A definite try when tourists drop by Cagayan de Oro.

obi and the zip line ride #2 safety gear. :D


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