Cagayan de Oro (Day 2) White Water River Rafting

Yes, Day 2 post before Day 1. 🙂

Great breath taking views, supreme adrenaline rush, and one unforgettable experience. Three things that you can experience in Cagayan de Oro, to be more specific, three things you can experience once you tried white water river rafting.

In normal circumstances, rafting can be considered as an extreme sport or activity, most especially if you add the major rapids that you will encounter, but it can be fun and exhilarating. It is said that the hype or the talk about this activity in the Philippines started because of the White Water River Rafting activity that Cagayan de Oro offered.

My journey to CDO gave me a lot of firsts, first time to ride a plane, to be outside of Luzon, to be in Mindanao, and to white water river rafting. I have to say, I was nervous when we got there, but the view was just spectacular, everywhere I looked I saw the color green, well except when I looked up or down.

We donned our safety gear, helmet and life vests, and we listened to our guide when he gave us specific instructions, again, I was new to this so I tried to pay attention, believe me it was hard most especially since my heart was beating so hard (I’m not a good swimmer, but heck we had our life vests on).

After giving out instructions, our team was divided into three groups, 7 per raft, with 2 guides so 9 persons per raft. I was confident that our team is safe, the instructor was one of our guides.

i listened, i promise. :D

team number 1. :D

As we went on board, we were again given instructions, paddle here and there, and stop when he says stop. Noted, kept those on my mind, and I decided to sit on the right side of the raft, not in the middle. As we started our journey, I just smiled and told myself, this is gonna be awesome!

rapid number 1. :D

another one :D


The activity lasted for 3 hours, but it seemed to go by so fast, there were two types of rapids a major one and a minor one. As we hit each rapid, I tried to either paddle or hold on to the rope so that I wouldn’t fall off (one of our officemates fell and we just laughed about it afterwards). The activity was fun, and the view was spectacular, I saw a place that’s seemed to be preserved in time, it was beautiful and breathtaking.  The water was awesome as well, at times after we encounter a major or minor rapid, I would take my helmet off and pour some water to myself, our guide also tried to keep us wet, it was super hot there and to prevent having sun burns that’s what we did.

short break 🙂 time for snacks and refreshments

 There was even one part of our trip when we were allowed to jump off of our rafts and swim a bit. The water was cold and it was awesome, it was clean and I felt like a kid again.

 At the end of our trip I ended up asking for more, but we had to go back to our hotel. We took lots of photos and that was one trip I would never forget.

The rapids, the view, everything was worth it. 🙂

Here’s the company who gave us the tour. J

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