Been blog hopping, and I found the one thing that I want to have for my birthday! Tada!

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My initial gift to self was a DSLR camera, but who am I kidding, I can’t buy that this December and having a DSLR cam can become a bit of a hassle. Further blog hopping lead me to Bulakbolero’s Website, and in my silly attempt to (hopefully) win this camera, I sent in a photo from our CDO trip last July.

According to’s description its:

“a compact, ultra-hip, instant film camera. Rounded lines, retro styling, and simple operation make this point-and-click great for instant photos. Like larger Instax cameras, the Mini 7S produces near-instant, vivid, high-quality prints.”

And yes, that made me crave for it even more! Aside from the adorkable color and body, it’s just one nifty gadget that I have to get for myself. 🙂 So today, I shall start saving up for that adorkable gadget for myself. If ever I succeed in buying this, this will be the first gadget I’ve ever bought for myself! In my rough estimate, I have to save at least 600 pesos per week. Game on!!!





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