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When I was just starting out at my current job, I had this weird adjustment period, salary wise. I was making more in my first job than in my current job. I know that you would probably think I’m bonkers for leaving SVI, but I just had to pursue something that I would like to do. To work on something wherein I can use what I’ve learned for 5 years in UP, which is to write stuff, random stuff.

Anywho, my post is not about my job but about this book that I’ve read. It had 5 simple steps on how one can save and of course, save their wallets from being empty. It was just 50 pesos, so I was like, what the hell let’s give this book a try.

The book is a fun read, and as of this moment. I’m still trying to recall the damned title of that book (thanks babe for not returning my book). It was easy and the tips made perfect sense,

First way to save, every sweldo, take 10% of your earnings and deposit it in your bank account. Second, don’t buy stuff that you don’t need (I have great problem following this one, damn you japan surplus home!!!). Third, give your ikapu, give to your church or i dunno charity. Fourth, invest, look into time deposits and interests offered by banks, and fifth, have your own business.

My focus now is giving back, my ikapu. I was familiar with the whole concept of the ikapu. Way back when i was very active for singles for christ, my sisters mentioned that they do the whole ikapu thing, but I was still a student then so I didn’t pay much attention to that. My focus was finishing college, looking for a part time gig to help me through college.

However, now I have a stable job. One that can support me, and one that allows me to give my ikapu, finally! So I went through the whole process of looking for the one organization that I would help monthly, even a small amount can mean a lot to them.

So I started looking and reading, and I decided to go for World Vision.

Why? If I told you that it’s because of this gut feeling, would you believe me? Probably not. 🙂

I chose World Vision, because it has been present here in the Philippines for a long time and that leaflet got to me. And most probably because, with just P600 a month, I can help send a kid to school, and that’s roughly around P20 a day,believe me I computed. So after thinking about it for like 2-3 months, I finally filled up their sign up sheet. But I wasn’t able to give anything to them yet, if I can recall correctly, I signed up last July?

It was 2 weeks ago when I got this random call from a random person. At first I didn’t understand what she was saying. But after a few “ano’s” and “ha’s” I finally understood what she was saying. She was from World Vision and she was asking me if I was still willing to sponsor a child or donate something. With a heart beat and no hesitation in mind, I said “Yes”. Yes to my Ikapu, yes to sponsoring a child.

They then sent me an e-mail, and briefed me on how I can give my donation. I was so excited to sponsor a child, just because I know how precious education is, and that it’s hard to study when you don’t have enough money. They asked me if I had any preferences as to the child that I would sponsor, I just had one request, I wanted to sponsor a girl.

I was trying to get to know more about world vision when I saw this on their web site:

I then sent another e-mail to Cheryl, I had an additional request, I wanted to sponsor a last chance kid. Why? I read in their web site that it’s harder to look for sponsors for children aged 13 and above. Some donors prefer to sponsor younger kids, and these kids are harder to place. It’s just like in adopting a kid, people would choose babies rather than kids, same thing happens to the last chance kids.

After like a day or two, Cheryl replied to my e-mail. And she said that she would put a last chance kid under my sponsorship. All that was left was my initial deposit of P600. And when I got my salary this month, that was the first thing that I did, I went to BDO and I deposited my iKapu.

I then e-mailed Cheryl this photo. I was excited to get to know more about the child that I will be sponsoring. And she replied, and the kid I’m sponsoring is from San Isidro, Isabela, 14 years old and is on her first year in high school. I’m looking forward to reading her profile, and getting to know more about her. I hope that my Ikapu would help her finish her studies, and that she’s ok. I look forward to meeting her, and yes, I do plan to sponsor another child, but perhaps by next year when I get that salary increase. 😀

I hope that you can help a last chance kid as well, it’s just 600/month, just cut down , 2-3 cups of expensive coffee or  3-5 trips down to your favorite fast food chain or a pair of jeans, or shoes. Because the smallest amount can make a big difference to them. 🙂

Do visit their web site. 🙂

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