my “ber” family

Way back on February we had our 25th anniversary concert. Kuya reimar came up with the brilliant copy

“SIng. LovE. Rejoice”

And those three words were supposed to represent the theme of our concert, but it also represents the foundation of our choir. We sing, because we want to give back and share what God has given us, our voices. We sing because it’s what we love to do, because each rhythm we study, each song we sing becomes magical. With each uttered syllable, and each note and rest forms a wonderful melody that is pleasing to hear. Not just because it’s a wonderful song, but each song sung gives us a sudden burst of emotion that can either make us go crazy over the current situation of our country today (Bahay), make us rejoice (Let There Be Praise) or make us feel kilig (Kailangan Kita and Only You). Singing also helps us bond with another, with each piece learned comes fun memories, of ate ginger or kuya dave teaching us the whole piece, with memorable lines such as “Lagyan nyo naman ng libog yung pagkanta ninyo.”

I was tasked to create an AVP for our concert. I had to make an AVP about HKC, and in the end decided to create to AVP’s
* One featured the people who would sing in the concert
* One was all about HKC

I never thought that coming up with songs to use in the AVP’s would be that hard, I mean I love music and therefore I should find it easy to select a specific song. I even came up with a list of probable songs to use (as you can see in the list below a lot of it are from Glee, Gleek here);

  1. Fireworks by Katy Perry
  2. Go the Distance from Hercules
  3. Glee’s To Sir, with love
  4. Glee’s Dog Days Are Over
  5. Glee’s version of Marry You
  6. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream
  7. Glee’s version of Forget You
  8. Glee’s version of Don’t Stop believing (regionals version)

It was hard to pick a song that would fit into the whole HKC experience, it was when I heard Glee’s version of Time of My Life and I knew at that instant that, that would be our song. ๐Ÿ™‚

I now realized that the song really is perfect for that AVP, since (1) most of the members or past members of HKC have grown up in the chorale, was a member since i was 14, and i’m now 23, (2) most of us formed intimate relationships with the other members, and by intimate i mean intimate :D, and (3) we have found our home away from home.

Attending mass and practices isn’t the sole reason why we go every weekend…It’s because we want to see our friends and bond with them, even in just eating isaw or cheeseburger or siomai. Because GM’s and conferences just can’t be the only way we can communicate with each other.

It’s where we grew up and formed ourselves as individuals, being part of something nice was just awesome, you get to meet people from all walks of life, girl, boy, bekis and frogs. HKC was there, from the time we had our first boyfriend/girlfriend to the time we had failing grades and needed a shoulder to cry on, for our birthday’s, small celebrations, passing or failing board exams, we all knew we had a family to run to.

My choirmates means a lot to me, I mean they might not even know it but, I treasure each one of them, from my 2 closest bestest friends who are both crazy, to the bekis who count me as another beki cause (1) I can listen to their stories and not get freaked out about it and (2) cause I can understand them and try as much as I can to give them sound advises with the risk of getting laughed at or getting shunned for being to straight forward with them, to the guys in the group who are our kuya’s and fluffy bears that we can hug, to the ates and girls who are just there for you when you need someone to listen to your woes and chismis, and just recently, to our babies, who we now train and treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love being part of something great, and I just love them all, even if we had a few misunderstanding and walk outs during meetings. They are my real friends, friends whom I can count on to not judge me, but to accept me for who i am. Friends who would tell me right to my face that I’m crazy and dumb sometimes. They are my second family and it’s very comforting to know that I have them, I have a group of people to run to, to comfort me and to just be there for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I, will always be here for them, fighting for them and fighting with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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