Breastfeeding While You’re Sick

I have been out for almost two or three weeks, been in and out of meetings and working on a special something. This plus the oh so hot (admit ko na – lagkit weather na may matching baskil for some or likod na basang basa ng pawis) weather resulted to my body surrendering. The stress and cray weather took its toll on my body and come Mother’s Day I had sniffles (sniff sniff).

Of course I did not allow this to stop our plan to celebrate Mother’s Day swimming and having our special dinner as well. (more about this in my next posts). The next day, my sniffles seemed to be a bit better (see yung swimming helped because my lungs worked extra – sabi ni E). I went to work ready to conquer my to-do’s, but after lunch I felt worse – boohoo! Even if I was blowing my nose and even if I consumed lots of fluids walang effect pa din. I seriously tried to make it until 5 PM before I asked Q, my boss, if I can go home (di na kinaya talaga ng katawan ko).



I rested the whole night and still went to work Tuesday and Wednesday (kasi nga work work work work work) but finally decided to go on sick leave Thursday and Friday too. Now, I know that you will ask me if I still breastfed Bunny and the answer is YES. YES I continued breastfeeding her even if I had cough, cold, and fever. Not because I wanted her to get sick too, but because I want her to get the anti-bodies that she needs so that she won’t get what I have or if she does get what I have she’ll feel better soon or not that severe yung sa kanya.

Bunny taking care of mommy

Bunny taking care of mommy

Some would probably be shaking their heads because our lolo’s and lola’s would have said na bawal, no because mapapasa or my baby will get it too. To be honest, I too believed this way back then and actually stopped breastfeeding Bunny when I had flu (this was during our first month) but then I researched after and it is more recommended to continue breastfeeding even while you are sick.

Momma’s milk is really good for babies and again as I mentioned, your milk creates anti-bodies that is special for your little one. Even if I was down Thursday and Friday, Bunny only had mild fever morning and sniffles but not that severe. She still played non-stop and was still as kulit as ever!

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Bunny playing with Bootleg

Still don’t believe me? My other proof was when I got chicken pox last year. People around me told me to stop breastfeeding Bunny, but I insisted that she needs my milk more. I would cover my whole body and just expose my booby when she needs to feed. I would also pump so that she is not as exposed (the hard part really was not to hold her close and not kiss her goodnight for two weeks – my heart). She never got chicken pox, although she was grumpier because mommy-bunny time was cut short due to my pox.

So, if you get sick I highly recommend (if not super severe naman yung sickness) to continue still breastfeeding but make sure that you consult with your doctor for meds you can take. Here’s my usual flow when I get sick:

  1. If I’m not feeling well – check temperature and drink lots of water
  2. Check with my doctor or with E what meds to take (E is my personal nurse because he’s a RN)
  3. Check E-Lactancia if my meds are compatible with breastfeeding moms if not raise it up with my doctor so we can look for an alternative
  4. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids

I hope this helps prove that really, breastfeeding is still best when you are sick. Don’t stop just because you are sick just check with your doctor (best if she’s a breastfeeding advocate) and make sure that your meds is okay for lactating moms! Happy Breastfeeding mommies!

Dear Daughter Pt 8

Dear Daughter,

This Sunday I will be celebrating my 3rd Mother’s Day. The first one was when I was pregnant with you. the second one was last year, and the third one this year. I still have no idea if I am doing well with this motherhood thing, but I know one thing for sure and that is I need you as much, or at times more, than you need me.

I realized this when I read this note from Breastfeeding Mama Talk’s Facebook Page:



At first I thought it was a letter or a note from a baby to her mama, but it was from a mama to her little nursling. This made me tear up and realize that I cannot imagine the day when you won’t welcome me home with big loving eyes looking at me as if saying momma I need my milky. I cannot imagine the day when our bonding activity would not be a thirty minute nursing session. I know that the time will come when you will wean, but not now. I need you, I need the comfort that our nursing session brings, the calm it gives whenever my world at work becomes crazy, the way it reminds me that whatever I do I’m your momma and you need me so.


At times I doubt if you will still need me even after you have weaned off of milky, but your dada repeatedly tells me that it is not true that whatever happens you will still look for momma. My love, I need you as much as you need me, I may not show it at times but I need your embrace to remind me that a simple hug can make everything feel better. I need your tiny kisses to remind me how much you love momma. Even our silly playtime brings so much joy to me because it allows momma to be silly again, to be a child again by seeing things from your perspective. I need you to remind me that what I do matters. I need you because you provide momma the comfort I need whenever I feel down or drained from work.


Oh my daughter, you have changed so much in my life and I know that it is not just my life that you have changed, but that of your dada’s as well. You have given more meaning to our lives and we are forever grateful for that. We will forever treasure our memories my love. I will keep this letter short and sweet because I might end up crying and waking you up.





Dear Daughter Pt 7

Dear Daughter,

It has been awhile since I last wrote you a letter, mum has been busy being mum and sneaking momentary breaks has proven to be harder.

The fact is I realized now more than ever than mummy is your security blankie, I am your binky. At first I thought it was monkey from nong nong or dragoncorn from the castle of ikea but no it is me.

And that said every time i leave your side at night results to a crying fit which can wake up everybody in our home. At times I find it cute at times frustrating especially when i need to pee but then i see you and it all goes away. I just sneak away quickly or resort to carrying you with me inside the restroom while i pee. Now that I write it,it sounds super funny something straight out of memes i see but it is a real thing.


Now more than ever you test mummy. You know what makes me smile and you try out different things to discover what makes me frown. When i do so and say no you turn your smile upside down, breathe deeply and burst into tears. This also happens when i scold you and say no, believe me love when i say that that is hard but i have to.


It breaks my heart when you cry but I need to be mummy. I remember when i said no to you a few nights ago you cried and ran to your granny for comfort. I said no because you were playing with the electric wire silly bunny. I said no because i didn’t want you to get hurt. I said no to save you from harm. Of course in your mind it is just mummy being kj mummy being no-fun.


It hurt my heart when you ran to granny for comfort and when you tried as much as you can not to notice mummy even when i was just a few inches away from you. I waited for your anger to subside and perhaps for you to understand that mummy just wanted you to be safe from harm. It felt like a decade waiting for you to approach me but when you did you asked me to carry you. I did and you hugged mummy oh so tight, with your head resting on my heart, your hand enveloping my shoulders. You stayed that way for almost half an hour and i knew it was your way of saying mummy I’m sorry.

Oh bunny how that made mummy’s heart leap. That somehow you understood me that you are now learning how to say sorry. I am so proud of you my love because you are becoming a good girl with a big heart.



For now i will end my letter, i am still in transit from the Facebook Ph launch stuck in a van on the way home. I will see you real soon and I promise to hug you back with kisses forever and ever.



Subic Meat Plus Review

In our first day at Subic, lunch wasn’t part yet of the Ad Summit event so E and I decided to head over to Meat Plus for lunch. I just heard of Meat Plus from a team mate and decided to try it for lunch just because he made it sound interesting and a must try!

Our Order

There are combo meals available at meat plus and orders wherein you choose your own steak which they will cook for you. Being a mummy I guess I went ahead for the value for money and ordered a combo meal for burger steak which included side dish and soup for just Php 220+ and E decided to choose his own steak and get the tenderloin steak meal at Php 260+. We just ordered side mashed potatoes for Bunny and my soup as well for her.

The Taste Test

For my order, the steak was cooked well (forgot to mention you can ask them to cook it rare, medium rare, medium well done, or well done) which is my preference. It was just the right amount of juicy minus the bloody part which would have been the case if I ordered it rare or medium rare. The soup was creamy which Bunny liked at a lot and she ate almost half! The mashed potato was left to me because she like the soup more. E’s order was tastier and juicier perhaps due to the choice of meat. If only I knew I would have ordered for the same cut instead!


Well Done Burger Steak

Well Done Burger Steak


E's Order

E’s Order

The Service

The service was just like the same as with other restaurants, although they made a mistake with the order of the group next to us. I personally think it was due to the volume of the people who came in which reflected how the staff is not that prepared to serve a big crowd. On the other hand though they were very nice and accommodating to us and even assisted us right away when we got in the place.

The Verdict

Combining good food, good price and okay service I will give Meat Plus a 3.5 out of 5. Big area of improvement for the service.

Zoobic Safari Escapade with Bunny & E

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, in our last day in Subic we decided to go around Zoobic Safari before departing to Cavite. We already had a driver hired for our day out, Kuya Ramon (you can read more about the Subic Taxi Service here). Before that though I was contemplating whether we will go to Ocean Adventure or Zoobic Safari. For one, I know that we can’t afford going to both places given our limited time and Bunny usually dozes of mid-afternoon so we won’t get to enjoy the day if we visit both.

After much research on my end and E’s we ended up picking Zoobic Safari – although I think he is partial to Zoobic Safari because he hasn’t been there before! For me it’s cute and at least I get to see how they both enjoy a new place to visit.



We left our hotel around 8.30 AM and already checked out. I just asked the staff to keep our things first because we will visit Zoobic Safari first to which they happily obliged. We arrived at Zoobic Safari a little after 9 AM. We just bought our tickets, Bunny was free (perks of traveling with a baby/toddler) and we had to pay Php 545 each. This already is good for the whole park from the petting zoo, the animal show, and even the encounter with the tigers! Good price already if you ask me.

We started our tour with the petting zoo. It is optional to buy the basket of fruits and of course I wanted us to experience feeding the animals first hand so I ended up paying Php 100. This was super worth it because the animals engaged more with us when they saw us holding the basket! The funniest ones were the deer and the camels! Within the petting zoo you can have a photo with animals for P50 (there was an owl and a miniature donkey).





After this, we watched the animal show – this was only available during weekends and since we went there on a Saturday we ended up watching the show. I honestly think it was E who enjoyed more than Bunny and I. I even pushed him to participate in the show to which he ended up holding a snake (he looked goofy when he did to which my heart skipped a beat). This was a good show which lasted around 15 minutes!

Near the animal show stage was the serpentarium. I initially though bunny will be scared of the reptiles inside but she looked at it with her eyes wide open as if wondering what those creatures were and why they looked scaly and funky!



The next step was the ride which toured us to the many different parts of the park. It eventually led us to the Tiger Sanctuary and the encounter with the tigers! To make the ride more exciting we were asked if we wanted to buy chicken – dead one of course – to be fed while we were in the enclosed jeep. So our group bought and off we went inside through the enclosed jeep. Bunny didn’t even wink or cry when the big miming approached us! She was smiling and even calling the tigers! I think in her mind it was larger versions of the cats she played with back at home. She was so cute and so was her daddy! E was taking lots and lots of videos and I told him to take more photos instead of just videos but still he took more videos!



After this we waited for the ride to bring us to the croc area and bunny met a new friend! This friend followed her around and sniffed her diaper a lot ( I guess because she was due for a change of nappies) to which she just giggled and laughed.



We went by the croc area fast because little bunny was sleepy and we just waited for the ride again to bring us back to the entrance area.


The park tour took us around 4 hours to finish! Which was long as compared to the 2 hrs projected time in their website. After our tour, Kuya Ramon was already there to pick us up back to Subic. While in the taxi I recall telling E that it was a great choice for bunny because she really likes animals and nature and also because he hasn’t been there before. You can check out their site here:

Subic Taxi Service

During our stay in Subic, there were times when I needed to ride a cab to or from the Ad Summit. Due to this, I would ask the receptionist to help find a Subic Taxi for hire. That is how I met Kuya Ramon. He was our driver after our ABS-CBN trade dinner. Out of all of the Subic Taxi drivers I encountered he was the nicest and I guess easiest for me to get along with because he had a relative from Cavite.

This is perhaps the main reason why I contacted him to be our cabbie for our Saturday escapade at Zoobic Safari. As for the rates though – this is already fixed but you can try to package or rent them for a day just ensure that it is still within the rates they shared.

Attractions in Subic are far away from the main SBMA area where our Ad Summit was held, which is why going to Zoobic Safari or Ocean Adventure can get costly. You can split the cost though because one Subic Taxi can fit 4 persons. The only option as well to get to the attractions is through the taxis or through private vehicles. Here’s a photo of the rates they have, hope this helps when you plan out your Subic Tour! Also, here’s Kuya Ramon’s contact number: 0939 182 8411


Subic Residencias Review

As I’ve shared in my previous post, for our 4D/3N stay in Olongapo we stayed at Subic Residencias. The initial plan was to stay within the SBMA area but that would be costlier and will be a bit far from the malls. It was E who found Subic Residencias through Trip Advisor and he shared with me that it has a good price within my set budget. I trusted his judgement and we booked a room for 4d/3n.

When we arrived in the Olongapo terminal of Victory, we just rode a tryke and after 5 minutes we arrived there at Subic Residencias.


From Subic Residencias FB page

My first impression is that it has a convenient location, very much near the fast food restos and walking distance to SM as well as the bridge that leads to SBMA proper. This is very good because in our set-up they need to buy food per meal while I was out. Open entering the place, we were warmly welcomed and were assisted to our room. The room at the price of Php 2,100 per night was good! It was very spacious and even had a mini-ref (a must for us because I need it to store Bunny’s breastmilk). Aside from that, they also have a clean bathroom which is a must for me – but the shower sometimes the hot & cold shower was faulty (not hot showers at times).

From Subic Residencias FB Page

From Subic Residencias FB Page

The staff were very accommodating especially their guard! He would give Bunny one of the displayed ball like ornaments so she can play at the lobby while we were waiting for her dad or while they were waiting for me to come back from the summit. Getting a taxi is also easy, you can either walk near the exit to SBMA or you can ask the staff to call one for you – just be ready though because per ride to SBMA can cost you P150 to Php 200.

The hotel however can further develop their services – I highly suggest that they also offer breakfast. Even if we were near fast food restos, it is more convenient to have free breakfast tucked in the fee. I hope they can also offer guests additional services like transfers or they can offer as well tours within Subic.

Overall though, I give them a 4 out of 5 for service, location, and staff!


8Cuts Review

After our meeting at BGC, we decided to have lunch there instead of going back to the office first before having lunch. I think the winning combination of hunger – stress – payday resulted to our decision to try 8cuts at Serendra. I’ve been hearing a lot about this burger shop, but I haven’t had time to try it yet so I was super excited to finally bite a piece of their burger.


My Order

Ordering was easy – but can be a bit difficult if you didn’t know what you want. I was contemplating between their specialty burgers, making my own, or trying their classic ones. Being the safe person that I am in trying new places I ordered their classic cheeseburger #3. Aside from the safe side thing – I also wanted to try first their classic offerings just to gauge if they can deliver great and quality tasting burgers. I upgraded to their go lunch box sets – rated PG. This included skinny fries and drinks.


As for the skinny fries – in their terms – I pimped my fries to add bacon and cheese (because cheese + bacon make the world a bit better and is well deserved especially after a long week).



The Taste Test

After five minutes this piece of beauty was served.


The skinny fries was just what I needed to help remind me of the beauty that is cheese and bacon. It was the right amount of serving, not too much and not too few, just enough for my soul craving for something salty.


As for the cheeseburger, at first munch it was like sinking your teeth into a juicy piece of well loved meat. You know that it has been prepared just for you, just for your burger craving body. The sauce complemented the juicy burger just fine but the cheese really finished it off. Dripping down the juicy meat making you crave more.


The only downside though is that if you don’t finish it and plan to take it home you will be faced with soggy – sad bread. The oil is dripping plus the juice of the burger – but I think this is to be expected. Comparing this with the other burger shop I tried, Zarks, I like their burgers better. I was able to finish my burger without being faced with soggy sad bread like what happened when I tried Zarks.

The Service

Aside from the taste test, I will introduce the service part in my food reviews. For 8cuts? I will give them a 5 out of 5! Service was superb and the one assigned to our table was very accommodating!

The Verdict

4.5 out of 5

If you are craving for burgers and are looking for something more than the usual ones (especially from the fast food ones) go for 8cuts! My personal favorite will be the cheeseburger plus the skinny fries. I will probably come back for another serving soon!

Subic Escapade: When Work Meets Play

After our Bohol getaway we had another escapade – in Subic! No this wasn’t really planned (I mean the kuripot side of me is dying inside – kidding). But it was a fun trip anyway. See, I had to attend the Ad Summit @ Subic and because it spanned for 4 days and 3 nights I really can’t leave Bunny that long. The longest we have been apart is overnight due to our office planning session and it was hard on me and her – I was looking at her photos just to fall asleep and she had to comfort suck her dada’s nips just to fall asleep! So imagining 4 days without her was just hard, so I booked a hotel stay for Bunny, her dada and I.

The Plan

It was simple, I will be away from 10 AM until 4 PM everyday and out as well by 7 PM for dinner. She and her dad will stay at the hotel and order food while I am away. To make sure she has enough milk I will be pumping in between talks and when I get back to the hotel. Sounds easy, but really it was hard at times – especially when I lost my breastfeeding bag (thank God the guard found it)! So for 3 days that was our routine, and it worked! The nice thing was that she and her dad bonded even more that at times I got jealous because she was super sweet to her dad and sometimes ignored me.



The Hotel

Hotels are pricier when it is within the SBMA so we opted to stay at a hotel within Olongapo but walking distance to SM and the buses going to the Summit. For 4 days and 3 nights we stayed at Subic Residencias and it was less pricey but very much worth it. Bunny even had fun playing with the phone – peg nya ata to call for room service always!


12801325_10208706629965833_2633655573292640927_nWork and Play

Very apt for the theme of the year is our final day in Subic! The talks during the summit for me really centered on not limiting yourself to possible executions that you can do for your brand which sometimes entailed playing. To be honest, working in an agency is fun but it sometimes can be too much especially if you get drowned with JOs, briefs, and to-dos. This meant of course time to let go and let loose – maybe through drinking for some but can also be achieved by playing. Playing with apps or playing outside.

This then inspired me to tell E to ask his cousin he lives nearby to visit us while we were there and to take Bunny and her dad out to visit Zoobic Safari on our last day in Subic. It was her Tito’s first time to meet Bunny and although she didn’t really play that much with her tito they had their moments.



As for our Zoobic Safari escapade will post a more detailed entry about this soon but it was really fun to see both of them with eyes wide open, seeing new things and interacting with the animals. Definitely the highlight of our trip in Subic.



Since this wasn’t really a travel-travel we only spent on our hotel accommodation, food (mostly for Bunny and E), and transpo. We only spent around Php 10,000 but 50% is for the 4D/3N at Subic Residencias.

Bohol Car Rental Service Review

This is my last Bohol Travel related post! Almost a month of posts mostly about our 4 day getaway at Bohol and Panglao. As I have mentioned in my other posts we rented a car with a driver through Kuya Tatsky’s service. Upon checking many different blog posts most travelers mentioned Kuya Tatsky, so before our getaway I was already texting Kuya Tatsky:


I wanted to check how much it will be to do the Countryside Tour – the comfy way and in our own time. I know that hotels and travel agencies offer their own version of the Bohol Countryside Tour, but I wanted to fully maximize our Day 3 and not be bothered with time limits. We also had Bunny with us, so it was also important that we were all comfortable without having to spend too much.

Kuya Tatsky promptly replied to my inquiries and even gave us different options for the car we can rent – if you are travelling with a group of more than 4 people you can even rent a van! I even asked for additional service from him – to our hotel in Panglao and back to Tagbilaran. Now, there are many different car rentals available when you land in Bohol but it was more convenient for us to have Kuya Tatsky’s rental service. The drivers arrived early and will wait for you. They don’t ask for tips but because of their good service we end up giving them food or pang-lunch and tip as well. The drivers were also trust worthy – there were times when we left our bag with my phone and other valuables and everything was safe!

For our entire Bohol trip, we hired three drivers + cars from Kuya Tatsky. My favorite driver from the three, was Kuya Rikrik. He was very friendly and even took photos for us! He also gave us recommendations on which places we should visit first and which we should put last. He waited for us whenever we toured and would assist us in storing the stroller back in the car. That is probably why I told Kuya Tatsky that I will highly recommend his service especially Kuya Rikrik.

If you do plan on going to Bohol – you can contact Kuya Tatsky here: 09291976766